We are grateful for the help and support provided by the following: 


Jennifer Bissonnette and Peter Yeadon who taught us the studio ‘Biodesign’ in fall 2019, and were our mentors for our Collaborative Study for spring 2020. 

RISD faculty and alumni who provided their valuable feedback on our projects in fall:

  • David Kim, Director of RISD Co-Works

  • Paolo Cardini, Associate Professor 

  • Neal Overstrom, Director of Nature Lab 

  • Grace Knight, Industrial Designer at Ecovative


RISD students who took this class in fall and previously worked on this project:

  • Sawyer Wright

  • Chaeri Park

Artists and designers who we interviewed to deeper understand their work in the field of Biodesign: 

  • Suzanne Lee

  • Julia Lohmann

  • Daisy Ginsberg

  • Mitchell Joachim

  • Agi Haines

  • Grace Knight 

  • Charlotte McCurdy 

Critics for  final critique in fall:

  • Veena Vijayakumar (BDC)

  • Daniel Grushkin (BDC)

  • Ekatarina Zolotovsky (MIT/Wyss Institute)

  • Charlotte McCurdy (RISD Alumna)



Recycling Company:

Other RISD students who took part in the BDC challenge class this year

  • Javier (Kai) Zhang

  • Terez Villeda-Medina

  • Sarah Tulloh

  • Kaitlin Reed

  • Ogden Opheim

  • Tommy Dawson

  • Nicholas Tamas

  • And our T.A., Chetan Dusane

Created by RISD Biodesign Team 

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